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Startups, Buy Outs, & Associateship

The process of beginning a new practice, selling your current practice, or hiring an associate can be filled with confusion and pitfalls. Our goal is to help you avoid common mistakes and give you access to the resources you need for a successful transition. As practice management experts, we can ensure that your goals and expectations are not only met, but exceeded.

New Practice Startups

If you’re just beginning a new practice with no previous patient base, we can create, organize, and execute a custom step-by-step plan. This includes team recruitment as well as comprehensive team training to ensure the best possible start for achieving a highly successful practice.

Buy Outs

For new dentists purchasing an established dental practice, as well as dentist transitioning to include an additional or satellite practice, we will help create consistency. This includes in-office setup, dental team training, and implementing systems and solutions to logistics and concerns that you, the owner, may not be present to handle. We create an itemized plan for each step to ensure a seamless transition.


If you’re considering working as an employee for another dentist in his/her office or clinic, then you need to find a practice with similar values and patient care. We can help you find that perfect practice and make the necessary arrangements for a beneficial and profitable partnership. Associating may also be an option to explore if you’re cold starting your own practice and want immediate income while your new practice grows.

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